Extracts from the Gazette, 1734

An Express from New-Castle having late last Thursday Night brought the agreeable News, that the Honourable John Penn, Esq; the eldest of our Proprietors, with his Brother-in-Law Mr. Freame, his Lady and Family were on board a Ship from London, then off New-Castle, and standing up this River; The Honourable Thomas Penn, Esq, with several Gentlemen of this City, hasted early next Morning to Chester (the late afflicting Loss in our Governor’s Family, preventing him from making one of the Number). Mr. Penn, Mr. Freame and his Lady came on Shore at that Place about Four in the Afternoon, and after passing that Night there, set out for this City about Nine in the Morning. They were met at Skuylkil River by several Ladies, who came to pay their Compliments to Mrs. Freame on her Arrival, and passing that Ferry, were received by the Mayor, Recorder, and Commonalty of the City, in whose Name the Recorder made the following Speech: [Text is not reproduced here]. Then proceeding forward with a Train of several Coaches, Chaises, and a very numerous Company on Horseback, they were saluted at their Entrance into the City, with a Discharge of the Guns on Society-Hill, and afterwards by most of the Ships in our River; about Three in the Afternoon, they alighted at their Brother’s House, where an elegant Entertainment was provided for the Ladies, and also for the Gentlemen of the Council of this Province.

[September 25]
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