Bard, John (1716-1799)

Prominent New York physician.

Educated in Philadelphia, where he befriended Franklin. Franklin encouraged him to move his practice to New York (1746).

Became the health officer of New York. Surgeon and agent for the sick and wounded seamen of the British navy at New York. Associated with Peter Middleton in performing the first dissection in America for the purpose of instruction (c. 1750).

His report detailing an extra-uterine pregnancy, A Case of Extra-Uterine Foetus, was read to “a society of physicians in London,” (1760), and was published in Medical Observations and Inquiries (London, 1763).

A Loyalist, he and his son retired to his farm at Hyde Park (1778). Returned to his practice in New York (1783). First president of the Medical Society of the State of New York (1788).

Born in Burlington, New Jersey. Father of Samuel Bard.