Dezoteux, Pierre-Marie-Félicité (1751-1812)

French army officer.

Sous-lieutenant (1772), then captain (1779) in the Royal Navarre cavalry regiment. Chevalier de Saint-Louis (1778). Aide-de- camp to baron de Vioménil in America. Rose to the rank of lieutenant-colonel (1791). Traveled extensively in Europe and spoke several languages.

Emigrated to England during the French Revolution; participated in negotiations between royalists and republicans but failed to gain the trust of either party. Sentenced to deportation, imprisoned, and financially ruined.

Son of Claude-Antoine-Armand and Jeanne-Charlotte (de la Félonnière) Dezoteux. Married Geneviève-Henriette-Sophie Verne in 1784, heiress to the barony of Cormatin; five children. Divorced (1809).