Colebrooke, Sir George (1729-1809)

Financier and M.P.

Entered and eventually ran his father’s banking house. Member of Parliament for Arundel (1754-74); seldom spoke in the House except on commercial affairs. Colebrooke’s brother James, also an M.P., received a baronetcy from Newcastle (1759), with a special remainder to George, who succeeded to the title (1761). Director, East India Company (1767-71, 1772-73). Speculated in the stock market, colonial lands, raw materials, and English and Scottish mining operations. Went bankrupt (1773-77) and retired from public life.

Son of James Colebrooke, a London banker. Educated at Leyden. Married Mary Gayner (1754); six children, including the Sanskrit scholar Henry Thomas Colebrooke.