Beauharnais, Marie-Anne-Françoise Mouchard, comtesse de (1737-1813)

Poet and novelist.

Her salon in the rue Montmartre at Paris was frequented by writers and savants such as Dorat, Mably, Dussaulx, Bitaubé, and Cubières.

Her works include Oeuvres (1772); Lettres de Stéphanie, an historical romance, (1778); and l’Abailard supposé (1780). Knew Bailly, Buffon, Voltaire, Mercier, Restif de la Bretonne, and Vigée.

Traveled to Italy (1789-90). Imprisoned briefly during the French Revolution.

Born in Paris. Married in 1753 to comte Claude de Beauharnais, whose niece Josephine was to become empress. Separated from her husband.

Alternate form of the name: Beauharnois. Also called Fanny.