Bertin, Henri-Léonard-Jean-Baptiste (1719 or 1720-1792)

French Minister of State.

Received as an avocat at Bordaux (1741). Served as both conseiller and president to the Grand Conseil (1749). Served successively as Intendant of Roussillon, Intendant of Lyon, and Lieutenant General of the Paris police (1757). Twice appointed Comptroller General of Finances (1759; 1774).

A protector of arts and letters, he sponsored various agricultural societies, the first veterinary school in Lyon, the gathering of the nation’s archives, and the development of the manufacture de Sèvres. Named an honorary member of the Académie des Sciences (1763) and of the Académie des Inscriptions et Belles- Lettres (1772).

Retired to his home at Chatou (1781). Franklin, Temple, and John Adams visited him in May, 1778. Proprietor of a forge, he manufactured cannon for the Americans.

Born in Périgueux. Uncle of Caroline (Charlotte)-Bertrande Chapelle de Jumilhac- Cubjac Bertin.