Otto, Louis-Guillaume (1754-1817)

Chargé d’affaires de France at Congress (c. 1783-92).

Became the secrétaire particulier to the marquis de La Luzerne, France’s Minister Plenipotentiary to Munich (1776). Accompanied La Luzerne to the United States when he became France’s Foreign Minister to Congress (1779).

During his years as chargé d’affaires, became a close friend of Washington.

Returned to France and was named chef de la division politique au ministère des affaires étrangères (1792). Held various diplomatic positions during the French Revolution and the First Empire. Named conseiller d’Etat by Napoleon, who conferred upon him the title of comte de Mosloy.

Born in Kork, Bade. Studied law at the Protestant University of Strasbourg.