Broom, Jacob (1752-1810)

Delaware politician and delegate to the Federal Constitutional Convention.

Probably educated at the Old Academy. Studied surveying and prepared maps for George Washington before the Battle of Brandywine.

Named assistant burgess of Wilmington (1776), an office he held a total of six times. Served as chief burgess, borough assessor, and Justice of the Peace for New Castle County. Delegate to the state legislature (1784-1786; 1788). First postmaster of Wilmington (1790-92). Held various local offices and chaired the board of Directors of Wilmington’s Delaware Bank.

Operated a cotton mill as well as a machine shop that produced and repaired mill machinery. Served on the board of trustees of the College of Wilmington.

Born in Wilmington, Delaware. Married in 1773 to Rachel Pierce.