Kéralio, Agathon Guynement, chevalier de (1723-1788)

General. Inspector of French military schools (1776-83). Chevalier de Saint-Louis (1754). Maréchal de camp (1781).

After a long and decorated military career, appointed as tutor in the family of the duc de Deux-Ponts. Private secretary to the duchesse douairière de Deux-Ponts, who probably introduced him to Franklin. Named sous- inspecteur de l’Ecole Militaire at Paris (1773).

From his travels to visit various military schools in France, he often sent intelligence to Franklin and became a great propagandist for the American cause.

Named brigadier of infantry (1780). At the end of his career, procured the admission of Napoléon Bonaparte to the Ecole Militaire.

Born in Rennes. Brother of Louis-Felix Guynement de Kéralio and — Guynement de Kéralio (or du Luxembourg).