Smith, William Stephens (1755-1816)

New York soldier and public official.

Major in the Continental Army and aide- de-camp to General Sullivan (1776). Served on Lafayette’s staff (1780-81). Aide-de-camp to General Washington (1781). Secretary of legation in London (1785-88). United States marshal for the district of New York (1789).

Founding member and president (1795-97) of the Society of the Cincinnati. Surveyor of the port of New York (1800). United States Congressman (1813-15).

Impoverished himself through reckless land speculation.

Son of John and Margaret (Stephens) Smith of New York. Educated at the College of New Jersey (B.A. 1774). Married Abigail Adams, daughter of John and Abigail Adams in 1786; three children.