Pilmore, Joseph (1739-1825)

Philadelphia clergyman.

Converted to Methodism (c. 1755) and became a lay assistant to Methodist preacher John Wesley. Went to Philadelphia (1769) as an itinerant Methodist preacher. Resided in England (1774-84); quarreled with Wesley, left the Methodist Church, and returned to America. Ordained in the Episcopalian Church (1785). Assistant minister of St. Paul’s Church, Philadelphia, and rector of three nearby parishes (c. 1785-93). Rector of Christ Church, New York City (1793-1804). Rector of St. Paul’s Church, Philadelphia (1804-25).

Born in Tadmouth, Yorkshire. Married Mary (Benezet) Wood (c. 1790); one daughter.

First letter in correspondence: [after December 27, 1786]; DAB.