Humphreys, David (1752-1818)

Soldier, statesman, poet.

Volunteer in the 2nd Connecticut militia regiment (1776). During the war, he rose to the rank of lieutenant-colonel, and served as Washington’s aide-de-camp (c. 1780). Named secretary to the commission in charge of negotiating foreign treaties of commerce (1784).

Returned to the United States where he was elected a member of the Assembly of Connecticut (1786).

Sent to Europe as a secret agent (1790). Appointed Minister Plenipotentiary to Spain (1796). Member of the Royal Society of London.

Author of numerous poems including A Poem Addressed to the Armies of the United States of America (1780), and A Poem on the Happiness of America: Addressed to the Citizens of the United States of America (1786).

Also wrote the Essay on the Life of the Honorable Major-General Israel Putnam (1788).

Born in Derby, Connecticut. Master of Arts from Yale University (1774). Married Ann Frances (c. 1797).