Butler, Zebulon (1731-1795)


Spent his youth in Lyme, Connecticut, where he engaged in the West India trade.

Served as an ensign (1757), lieutenant and quartermaster (1759), and captain (1760) during the French and Indian War.

One of a group of speculators from Connecticut who settled along the Susquehanna in the Wyoming Valley, on land purchased from the Six Nations, and claimed by Connecticut. Acted as a leader of the Connecticut settlers during the land disputes that ensued between Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

Director of the Susquehanna Company. Represented Wyoming in the Connecticut Assembly (1774-76). Commissioned lieutenant-colonel (1776) and colonel (1778) in the Continental Army. Recalled from Wyoming (December, 1780), and stationed at West Point. Following the creation of Luzerne county, he served as county lieutenant (1787-88).

Born in Ipswich, Massachusetts.