Tressan, Louis-Elisabeth de La Vergne, comte de (1705-1783)

Soldier, electrical experimenter, and translator.

Childhood companion of Louis XV. Served with distinction, and held the rank of lieutenant general in the French service.

Author of Traité sur l’électricité (1749). Elected to the Academy of Sciences (1750). Governor of La Lorraine and of Le Fort de Bitche.

In his retirement, devoted himself to the translation of medieval tales and fables.

Member of the Académie française (1781).

Wrote Franklin to recommend his son, Louis-Michel de La Vergne, marquis de Tressan, for the American service (1777). Franklin furnished the marquis de Tressan with letters of recommendation, but advised him against making the treacherous and uncertain journey to America.

Born in Mans.