Dubuisson, Pierre-Ulric (1746-1794)

Writer. After completing his studies in France, joined his father in Martinique (1765). Returned to France (1770) and published le Tableau de la volupté, ou les quatre parties du jour (Paris, 1771). Went to St.-Domingue, where he may have served as directeur général des postes. Claiming to be an authority on the colonies and the American situation, he wrote Abrégé de la Révolution de l’Amérique Angloise (Paris, 1778). Wrote numerous failed plays and operas.

During the French Revolution, he was a member of the Club des Jacobins. Followed Dumouriez on a campaign. Guillotined.

Born at Laval. Son of Pierre Dubuisson, médecin au roi at Fort St.-Pierre, Martinique.