La Luzerne, César-Henri, comte de (1737-1799)

French soldier and administrator.

Entered the French service (1751) and rose to the rank of lieutenant general (1784). Chevalier de Saint-Louis. Maréchal de camp. Governor of St. Domingue (1786-87). Minister of the navy (1787-90). Amateur scholar of natural history. Published annotated translations of Xenophon’s Anabasis (1777) and The Constitution of Athens (1793).

Son of César-Antoine and Marie-Élisabeth (de Lamoignan de Malesherbes) de La Luzerne. Brother of Anne-César, chevalier de La Luzerne, the French minister to the United States. Married Marie-Adelaïde Angram d’Alleray (1763); one son.