Henry, Patrick (1736-1799)

Radical patriot; governor of Virginia.

Unsuccessful as a merchant and as a tobacco farmer, Henry began a successful legal career (1760). Elected to the House of Burgesses (1764).

Rose to prominence as a radical patriot during the Stamp Act crisis. Delegate to the First Continental Congress (1774). Sat in the Second Continental Congress (1775-76). Returned to Virginia (1776). Governor (1776-79).

After the Revolutionary War, Henry became a political enemy of Jefferson and Madison. Served as governor (1784-86). Fought against ratification of the Federal Constitution. After the Constitution was adopted, supported the addition of the Bill of Rights.

Born in Hanover County, Virginia. Married in 1754 to Sarah Shelton. Married in 1776 to Dorothea Dandridge.