La Rouërie, Charles-Armand Tuffin, marquis de (1750-1793)

French army officer.

Ensign (1766) and sous-lieutenant (1775) in the French army. Resigned after wounding a colleague in a duel and sailed for America (1776-77), where he raised a corps called “Colonel Armand’s legion.” Chevalier de Saint-Louis (1781). Brigadier general (1783). Returned to France (1784), where he had difficulty obtaining a commission. Was one of the party that presented the remonstrances of the Breton nobility to Louis XVI (1788) and was confined in the Bastille. Executed in the French Revolution.

Son of Anne-Jacques-Joseph, comte de La Rouërie, and Thérèse (de La Belinaye) Tuffin of Brittany. Married Louise-Carolina Guérin de Saint-Brice (1785). One illegitimate son.