Grenville, George (1712-1770)

M.P. and Cabinet minister.

M.P. for Buckingham (1741-70); associated with, and overshadowed by, his brother Lord Temple and brother-in-law William Pitt. Lord of Admiralty (1744-47). Lord of Treasury (1747-54). Treasurer of navy (1754-62, intermittently). Secretary of State for the Northern Department (May-October 1762). First Lord of Admiralty (October 1762-April 1763).

First Lord of Treasury and Chancellor of the Exchequer (April 1763- July 1765); led administration in alliance with Halifax and Egremont. Instrumental in passage of Stamp Act (1765), though responsibility for the measure was shared among several leaders. Disliked by George III, who eventually dismissed him and the ministry he headed. Member of opposition for remainder of his life. Purchased lands in East Florida; secured a share in Grand Ohio Company.

Son of Richard and Hester (Temple) Grenville. Educated at Eton, Christ Church College, Oxford, and the Inner Temple. Married Elizabeth Wyndham (1749); nine children.