Montieu, Jean-Joseph Carié de


Implicated in the trial of his brother-in-law, M. de Bellegarde, inspecteur général d’artillerie. The two were accused of furnishing to the royal arsenal a large quantity of old and defective muskets which they pretended were new (1773). Fined and imprisoned (1773-74).

De Montieu’s name was given to Franklin by Barbeu-Dubourg, who referred to him as a wealthy man, a former entrepreneur de la manufacture royale des armes, who wished to establish an arms manufactory in America (1776). Furnished arms to the United States. Signed two contracts with the American Commissioners for uniforms and various other military supplies (June and August 1777).

Associated with Beaumarchais’ firm, Roderigue Hortalez & Cie., in supplying ships to the United States (1777-78).

Alternates form of the name: Monthieu or Montieux, Jean-Joseph Carrier de.