Phillips, James (1745-1799)

London bookseller and anti-slavery activist.

Took over Mary Hinde’s printing house (1775). Supplied books to the Library Company of Philadelphia. Member of a British Quaker committee on the slave trade (1783). Founding member of the interdenominational London Abolition Committee (1787). Published numerous abolitionist pamphlets.

Son of William and Frances Phillips of Trewirgn, Cornwall; stepson of the Quaker preacher Catherine Phillips. Married Mary Whiting (1768); twelve children. Quaker.

First letter in correspondence: March 1, 1788; Judith Jennings, The Business of Abolishing the British Slave Trade, 1783- 1807 (London, 1997), pp. 6-8, 22, 35, 93, 138.