Carleton, Sir Guy (1724-1808)

Governor of Quebec and commander-in- chief of British forces in North America.

Ensign in British army (1742); rose steadily to the rank of lieutenant-general (1777). Lieutenant-governor of Quebec (1766). Visited England (1770-74) and testified in favor of the Quebec Act. Governor of Quebec (1775-78). Commander of the British forces in Canada (1775); repulsed American siege of Quebec. Succeeded Sir Henry Clinton as commander-in- chief of the British forces in North America (1782-83); pursued policies of clemency and conciliation. Governor of Quebec (1786-96); oversaw creation of the provinces of Upper and Lower Canada (Ontario and Quebec) under constitutional government.

Son of Christopher and Catherine (Ball) Carleton of Newry, County Down. Married Lady Maria Effingham (1772); eleven children. Knighted (1779). Created Baron Dorchester (1786).