Bouillé, François-Claude-Amour, marquis de (1739-1800)

French military leader.

Cadet in the Rohan-Rochefort regiment (1753); rose steadily to the rank of colonel (1761) and brigadier (1770). Governor of Guadeloupe (1768) and the Leeward Islands (1770). During the Revolutionary War, he seized Tobago and St. Eustatius (1781) and attacked St. Christopher (1782). By 1789, he was governor of les Trois-Evêchés, Alsace, and la France-Comté, as well as general-in-chief of the army of Meuse, Sarre, and Moselle. Harshly subdued an uprising in Nancy (1790). Subsequently fled to Luxembourg (1791), fought with Swedish and British forces against the Revolutionary party (1792-93), and retired to England, where he died.