Le Brun, Charles-François (1739-1824)

French statesman.

Acted as intermediary between Franklin and Michel Lagoanere of the La Coruña firm of Lagoanere & Co. (1777, 1779).

Lawyer at the bar of Paris (1762). Censeur royal (1766). Inspecteur général des domaines de la couronne (1768).

As principal associate of Chancellor Maupeou, he took part in the Chancellor’s attempted judiciary reform and in his fight against the parliaments, and he shared in his subsequent disgrace (1774).

Retreated from political and public life (1774-89). Translated Tasso’s Gerusalemme liberata (1774) and Homer’s Iliad (1776).

Very active in politics and government administration during and after the French Revolution. Under Bonaparte, employed as troisième consul, named prince et archi- trésorier de l’Empire (1804), and given the title of the duc de Plaisance (1808).

Born in Saint-Sauveur-Lendelin, Manche. Alternate form of the name: Lebrun.