Waldo, Joseph (1723-1816)

Merchant of Boston and Bristol.

Traded in Boston in partnership with his brother Daniel (1748-70). Held several minor town offices, including overseer of the poor (1767-71). Moved to England (c. 1771) and settled in Bristol as a merchant. Visited American Commissioners at Passy and sought employment (May 1778). John Adams acknowledged that Waldo was “esteemed a good Whigg in Boston,” but opined that as he “had left America and resided in England so long before the war broke out, it would be doing Injustice to others who had born the burthen in the heat of the day, to appoint him to any place worth his accepting.”

Son of Cornelius and Faith (Savage) Waldo of Boston. Educated at Harvard (B.A. 1741). Married Martha Jones (1762); two sons.