Saltonstall, Gurdon (1708-1785)

Connecticut legislator and militia officer.

Colonel of Third Connecticut militia regiment (1739). Served in the siege of Louisbourg and other notable campaigns. Represented New London in the Connecticut General Assembly (1744-48, 1754-57); also served in Upper House of Assistants (1748-54). Probate judge for the New London district (1751-85). Served on a committee to establish postriders; involved in a bitter squabble over the choice of a postmaster for Killingworth (Clinton), Connecticut. Brigadier general of Connecticut militia (1776). Collector of the port of New London (1784).

Son of Rev. Gurdon Saltonstall, governor of Connecticut, and his wife Elizabeth Rosewell. Educated at Yale (B.A. 1725). Married Rebecca Winthrop (1733); fourteen children, including Elizabeth, who married Silas Deane. Resided in New London.