Poissonnier, Pierre-Isaac (1720-1798)

Doctor and chemist.

A leading figure in French public health, he was instrumental in treating the epidemic which attacked the French and Spanish fleets (1779). Invented a distillation machine which removed salt from sea water (1763). Wrote a few minor works on medical subjects.

Nominated by Franklin, he was named a Fellow of the Royal Society (1773). Vice- Director of the Société Royale de Médecine (1776).

Studied pharmacy before becoming a doctor. Inspecteur des hôpitaux militaires (1745). Professor of chemistry at the Collège de France (1749-77). Served as premier médecin to the French troops in Germany (1758-59).

Went to St. Peterburg to help treat the Czarina Elisabeth and to enter into secret negotiations between Versailles and Russia (1758).

Returned to Paris (1761). Given the honorific title of conseiller d’état.

Became the first inspecteur et directeur- général de la médecine, de la chirurgie et de la pharmacie des hôpitaux, dans les ports de France et dans les colonies, a position he held until 1791.

Born in Dijon. Alternate form of the name: Poissonier.