Bourdic, Marie-Anne-Henriette Payan de l’Estaing, baronne de (1744-1802)


Brought to France at the age of four. Resided in the château d’Aubenas, where she began to write poetry. Sent her earliest pieces to Voltaire. Under his patronage, her poetical essays were first published in the Almanach des Muses (1768), to which she would contribute until her death.

Made her first trip to Paris (1783), where she met Franklin, became a member of his circle, and translated some German documents for him.

Wrote her Ode to Silence (1787), which Chateaubriand greatly admired. Returned to Paris (1789), where she remained throughout the French Revolution. After her third marriage, began to sign her poems, “citoyenne Bourdic-Viot” (1795).

Born in Dresden. Married in 1761 to the marquis d’Antremont, widowed (1763). Married in 1777 to the Baron de Bourdic. Married to M. Viot.