Montfort de Prat, “comte” Julius de

French soldier.

Served in the United States (1777-79). Injured at the Battle of Brandywine (1777). Commissioned a major in Pulaski’s Legion (1778).

Returned to France (1779). Apparently engaged in the business of furnishing clothes and uniforms to the United States.

Franklin correspondent Paul Bentalou accused him of being simply Monsieur Prat, an imposter who had taken the title of the comte de Montfort while in America. Imprisoned on other charges, he wrote Franklin requesting his help in two letters on August 19, 1780.

Captain of a regiment of infantry during the French Revolution (1792). Emigrated to Spain (1793).

Born 1751 in Figeac, Lot. Alternate form of the name: Jean-Antoine-Justin Prat.