Brisbane, James (1734-1794)

American Loyalist.

South Carolina planter. Justice of the peace (1774). Invented a rice pounding machine (1775). Fined, banished to his plantation (1775), and imprisoned for Loyalism (1779). Sheriff of Charleston during the British occupation (1780). Banished from South Carolina (1782). Resided in England (1783-87), then settled in the Bahamas as a merchant and landowner.

Son of Dr. William and Margaret (Stewart) Brisbane of Charleston, South Carolina. Married three times; several children.

First letter in correspondence: July 4, 1789; E. Haviland Hillman, “The Brisbanes,” South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine, xiv (1913), 127, 129-33; Gregory Palmer, Biographical Sketches of Loyalists of the American Revolution (Westport, CT, 1984), p. 93; Laurens Papers, ix, 76.