Murray, David, Viscount Stormont (1727-1796)

British diplomat and statesman.

Became envoy extraordinary in Saxony (1756). Moved to Warsaw (1757).

After the failure of the Augsburg Congress, to which he had been appointed plenipotentiary in 1761, Stormont returned to Great Britain and was elected to the House of Lords. He kept his seat at every election through 1790.

Became envoy extraordinary to the Court of Vienna (1763). Retained that office until 1772 when he was transferred to Paris.

While in France, Stormont engaged in diplomacy, propaganda, and espionage in an attempt to dissuade the French from entering the American Revolution. His efforts failed, and he was recalled (1778). Secretary of state for the southern department until 1782.

The American Commissioners wrote to him on the topic of prisoner exchanges (1777).

Succeeded to the earldom of Mansfield (1793). Remained active in British politics to the end of his life.

B.A., Oxford (1748). Married in 1759 to Henrietta Frederica, daughter of Count Bunau; two daughters. Married in 1776 to Louisa Cathcart; three sons, one daughter.