Lauraguais, Louis-Léon-Félicité de Brancas, comte de (1733-1824)

Well-known French playwright, amateur scientist, and eccentric.

Abandoned a military career at a young age. Studied numerous subjects including chemistry, theater, medicine, and public law.

Provided the monetary funds necessary to reform the practice of seating spectators on stage during performances at the Théâtre-Français. Author of the tragedies Clitemnestre (1761) and Jocaste (1781).

A member of the Académie des Sciences, he was associated with the most illustrious chemists of his time.

Frequently imprisoned or exiled for pamphlets or witticisms directed against the powerful, he spent much of his time in London. A friend of Arthur Lee, and an outspoken supporter of America.

The author of various works including, Mémoire sur inoculation (Paris, 1763), Mémoire sur la compagnie des Indes (Paris, 1769), Extrait du droit public de la France (1771), and Mémoire pour moi, par moi (London, 1773).

Born at Versailles.