L’Enfant, Pierre-Charles (1754-1825)

Soldier, engineer. Surveyed and designed the city of Washington.

Recruited by Deane to go to America. Commissioned a United States captain of engineers (February 1778).

Captured during the siege of Charleston (1779). Exchanged in January 1782.

Promoted to major (May 1783). Honorably retired from the American service (January 1784).

An early member of the Society of the Cincinnati; sailed for France with copies of the Society’s constitution (1783).

Returned to the United States (April 1784). Settled in New York, and converted the city’s old City Hall into Federal Hall, where Congress met, and where Washington was inaugurated (1789).

Born in Paris. Son of Pierre L’Enfant, a painter in ordinary to the King at the Gobelins tapestry works, and of Marie-Charlotte Leullier.