Francklin, Michael (1733-1782)

Lieutenant governor of Nova Scotia.

Immigrated to Halifax (1752). Traded under patronage of Joshua Mauger, a leading Halifax merchant, and later in partnership with Thomas Gray. Taken captive by Micmacs for three months; learned language and established Indian contacts (1754). Obtained lucrative contracts to provision British troops at Halifax and Quebec in Seven Years’ War. Elected to Assembly (1759). Appointed to Council (1762). Lieutenant governor, and frequently acting governor, of Nova Scotia (1766-76). Loyalist in Revolution. Superintendent of Indian Affairs (1777). Invested heavily in Canadian lands and sponsored more than 1000 English immigrants, primarily from Yorkshire. Also influential in Acadian community.

Son of Michael and Edith (Nicholson) Francklin of Poole, England. Married Susannah Boutineau (1762); at least four children.