Zeigler, David (1748-1811)

Pennsylvania army officer.

Served in Russian army (1768-74). Immigrated to Pennsylvania. Lieutenant (1775), captain (1778) in Pennsylvania regiments of the Continental Army; demobilized (1783). Captain (1784), major (1790) in the U.S. infantry; resigned (1792). Settled in Ohio as a farmer, then opened a store in Cincinnati (c. 1794). Chief magistrate of Cincinnati (1802).

Son of Johann Heinrich and Louise Friedericka (Kern) Ziegler of Heidelberg, Germany. Married Lucy Anne Sheffield (1789); no issue.

First letter in correspondence: May 9, 1788; Heitman, Register of Officers, p. 448; George A. Katzenberger, “Major David Ziegler,” Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society Publications, xxi (1912), pp. 128-30, 150, 157-9, 167.