La Rochefoucauld, Louis-Alexandre, duc de La Roche-Guyon et de (1743-1792)

Prominent member of the French nobility, scientist, translator, politician.

Served in the French army. Interested in the sciences. Published Observations astronomiques (1782). Named to the Academy of Sciences (1782).

Franklin was instrumental in having him translate into French the various constitutions of the thirteen United States (1783).

One of the most influential members of the very liberal Société des amis des noirs, one of the principal causes of France’s loss of St.- Domingue. Member of the Assemblé de Notables (1787). Deputy for the nobility of Paris to the Etats-généraux (1789).

One of the first members of the nobility to unite himself with the tiers état. Remained active during the French Revolution until a mob stoned him to death (1792).

Born in Angoulême. His great-great- grandfather was the author of the Maximes. His mother was Marie-Louise-Nicole- Elisabeth, duchesse de La Rochefoucauld et d’Enville.