Vogler, George Joseph, abbé (1749-1814)

German organist and composer.

Almoner (1770), spiritual advisor (1775), and court musician to Karl Theodor, Kurfürst der Pfalz. Established a musical academy, the Mannheimer Tonschule (c. 1776), that revolutionized musical education; described his educational method in Tonwissenschaft und Tonsetzkunst (1776) and several other works. Conductor of the Bavarian court orchestra (1784). Conductor of the Swedish court orchestra (1786); founded a music school in Sweden. Conductor of the Darmstadt court orchestra (c. 1806). Made extensive concert tours of Europe, Russia, and North Africa.

Son of Johann Georg Vogler, a musician in the Würzburg chamber orchestra. Educated at the Jesuits’ Gymnasium in Würzburg; studied theology at Mannheim.