Waterhouse, Benjamin (1754-1846)

New England physician.

Traveled to Europe to complete his medical training (1775). While a student in London, he resided with Fothergill. Studied in Edinburgh. Enrolled at Leyden (1778), where he befriended John Adams.

Returned to the United States (1782). Became a professor at Harvard College (1783). A pioneer and major promoter of vaccination against smallpox. Interested in natural history and botany. Connected with the United States Marine Hospital (1808). Forced to resign his position at Harvard College after his relations with his colleagues and the school’s governing board became strained (1812).

Appointed by James Madison as medical superintendent of all the military posts in New England (1813-20).

Author of various works including numerous medical studies, and a Journal of a Young Man of Massachusetts, a romantic narrative.

Born in Newport, Rhode Island. His mother, Hannah Proud Waterhouse, was a cousin of Dr. John Fothergill.