Frey, Joseph-Pierre-Charles, baron de (1740-1796)

Officer in the Continental army.

Former sous-lieutenant in Potocki’s legion in Poland.

Upon Franklin’s personal recommendation, he joined Washington at Valley Forge (1777). Served as Lafayette’s aide-de-camp, and was a captain in Pulaski’s Legion. Fought at Little Neck (1778) and Savannah (1779).

Granted an eight-month leave to return to France (1779-80), where he apparently ran into financial trouble and borrowed money from Franklin.

Returned to America (1780). Captured and held prisoner until July 1781. Following his release, he served as a volunteer under Lafayette, took part in the siege at Yorktown, and was honorably retired (1781). Washington presented him a certificate commending his bravery and honorable service in the United States Army (1781).

Served in the French service in the East Indies (1782-88) and then in St.-Domingue (1792-96).

Born in Constance, Austria.