Deux-Ponts, Christian, comte de (1752-1817)

French army officer.

Commissioned sous-lieutenant (1768). Went to America with Rochambeau (1780). Rose rapidly to the rank of brigadier (1784) and maréchal de camp (1788). Colonel of the Deux- Ponts regiment (1788). Lieutenant-general in the Bavarian service (1792). Freemason.

Eldest son of Christian, duc de Deux-Ponts, and Marianne Camasse (or Gamache), comtesse de Forbach. Married Adélaïde-Françoise- Léontine de Béthune (1783). Having been born before his parents’ marriage, he inherited his mother’s title but not his father’s, which passed to a cousin. He was properly called the “comte de Forbach des Deux-Ponts.”