Alexander, William, Lord Stirling (1726-1783)

Officer in the Continental army. Son of Franklin’s friend James Alexander.

Although the House of Lords refused to recognize his claim to the title of the sixth Earl of Stirling, he was generally known in America as Lord Stirling.

Commissary, aide, and secretary to General William Shirley during the expedition against Fort Niagara (1756).

Surveyor general of New Jersey. Member of the New Jersey Council prior to the Revolution. His bitter correspondence with William Franklin led to his suspension from the Council (1775).

Commissioned colonel of the 1st New Jersey Regiment (November 1775). Named brigadier general (March 1776). Placed in charge of preparing New York for an impending invasion by the British. Served with distinction at the battle of Trenton. Promoted to major general (February 1777).

Born in New York, New York.