Hewson, William (1739-1774)

Distinguished anatomist, surgeon, and physiologist.

Studied in London and Edinburgh. Entered into partnership Dr. William Hunter to give lectures and demonstrations to medical students (1762).

Awarded the Copley Medal for his study of the lymphatic system in fish (1768). Elected Fellow of the Royal Society (1770).

Franklin mediated the dispute between Hewson and Hunter after Hunter announced the dissolution of their partnership (1771).

Built a theater in his Craven Street house, in which he gave a series of highly successful anatomical lectures (1772). Conducted important research on blood and the process of coagulation. Died as a result of a wound he incurred while performing a dissection.

Born in Hexham, Northumberland. Married in 1770 to Mary (Polly) Stevenson; two sons and a daughter.