Church, John Barker (1748-1818)

English entrepreneur and Member of Parliament.

Traded in London; went bankrupt (1774) and sailed to America to escape his creditors. Auditor of Continental Army (1776-77).

Settled in Boston, where he engaged in banking, shipping, and land and currency speculation. With Jeremiah Wadsworth, secured contracts to provision the French forces in America (1780) and the Continental Army (1782).

Visited France (1783-85) to settle accounts with the French government. Dissolved partnership with Wadsworth (1785) and settled in England. Member of Parliament for Wendover (1790-96).

Returned to New York (1797), where he lost much of his fortune through land speculation. Fought a duel with Aaron Burr (1799). Died in England.

Son of Richard and Elizabeth (Barker) Church of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. Married Angelica Schuyler, daughter of General Philip Schuyler (1777); five children. Brother-in-law and friend of Alexander Hamilton. Often used the alias “John Carter.”