Smith, James (1738-1812)

Medical doctor; possible spy.

Studied medicine in England (with Franklin correspondents John Fothergill and Dr. William Hunter), Edinburgh and Leyden.

Returned to America (c. 1767). Taught chemistry at King’s College until he moved to Jamaica (1770). Several years later, moved to Surrey, England.

Moved from Surrey to Paris (1778), possibly as an agent of Lord Shelburne and possibly as a spy, and managed to annoy the American commissioners.

Returned briefly to England (1780), where officials suspected him of helping to instigate anti-Catholic riots. Spent the rest of the war in Brussels.

Returned to New York (1785), and became part-owner of a newspaper, Time Piece, which attacked President Adams. Subsequently arrested on charges of sedition.

Born in New York City. A.B., College of New Jersey (1757). M.D. at Leyden (1764). Married Mrs. Atkinson c. 1767.