Middleton, Arthur (1742-1787)

Prominent South Carolina politician.

Studied law at the Middle Temple. Justice of the peace of Berkeley County (1765). Member of the provincial house of commons (1765-68; 1772-75). Delegate to the provincial convention (1774-75). Member of the council of safety (1775-76). Served in the provincial congress that formed a new constitution for South Carolina (1776). Member of the Continental Congress (1776-77; 1781-82).

A signer of the Declaration of Independence. Elected Governor of South Carolina, but declined (1778). Served in the Revolutionary War, was captured, and held as a prisoner of war (May 1780-July 1781). Member of the state house of representatives (1778-80; 1785; 1786). Served in the state senate (1781 and 1782). Member of the privy council (1782). An original trustee of Charleston College.

Born at “Middleton Place,” his father’s estate, on the Ashley River, near Charleston, South Carolina. Son of Henry Middelton, president of the Continental Congress and one of the largest landowners in the state. Brother of Thomas Middleton.

Married in 1764 to Mary Izard, daughter of Walter Izard; nine children, including Henry Middleton, governor of South Carolina from 1810 to 1812.