Yates, Abraham, Jr. (1724-1796)

New York state politician.

Abandoned the cobbler’s trade to become a lawyer and land speculator. Sheriff of Albany (1754-59) and member of the Albany Common Council (1753-73). Radical Whig and champion of the common people. Chairman of the Albany committee of correspondence (1774-76), of the committee that drafted the first New York state constitution (1776-77), and of the committee that inaugurated the state’s first independent government. Congressional loan commissioner (1777-82). As a New York state senator (1777-90), he was a vocal and articulate Anti-Federalist. Mayor of Albany (1790-96).

Son of Christoffel and Catelyntje (Winne) Yates of Albany. Of Dutch, French, and Flemish ancestry; member of Dutch Reformed Church. Married Antje De Ridder (1746); several children.