Buchanan, George (1763-1808)

Baltimore physician.

Member of the American Philosophical Society (1789). Founding member of the Medical and Surgical Faculty of Maryland (1799). Baltimore city councilman (1797-98) and magistrate (1799). Physician to the Philadelphia lazaretto (pest house) (1806). Published several works on medicine, public health, and the abolition of slavery.

Son of Andrew and Susan (Lawson) Buchanan of Baltimore. Educated at the University of Pennsylvania (M.B., 1785, M.D., 1789); also studied in Edinburgh and Paris. Married Laetitia McKean, daughter of George McKean (1789); eleven children.

First letter in correspondence: March 5, 1789; Pa. Gaz., Feb. 11, 1789, April 29, 1789, June 17, 1789; Roberdeau Buchanan, Genealogy of the McKean Family of Pennsylvania (Lancaster, Pa., 1890), pp. 128-32.