Miles, Samuel (1739-1805)

Pennsylvania soldier and politician.

Joined a company of militia at the age of sixteen, rose through the ranks, and emerged from the French and Indian War as a captain. Member of the Pennsylvania Assembly (1772; 1775) and the Council of Safety (1776). Commissioned colonel of the Pennsylvania Rifle Regiment (March 1776).

In August 1776, he took part in the Battle of Long Island and was captured. Appointed Brigadier-General (December 1776). Exchanged (April 1778).

Auditor of Public Accounts (1778). Deputy- Quartermaster General for Pennsylvania (1778-82). Made a Judge of the High Court of Errors and Appeals (1783). Captain of the First City Troop (1786-88). Served as a member of the Council of Censors (1787) and the Philadelphia Common Council (1788). One of the Aldermen of Philadelphia (1789). Elected mayor of Philadelphia (1790).

Born in Whitemarsh, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Married in 1761 to Catherine Wister.