Brillon de Jouy, Anne Louise Boivin d’Hardancourt (1744-1824)

French harpsichordist, pianist, composer, writer.

Studied with Schobert, who, like Boccherini, Eichner and Rigel, dedicated sonatas to her.

Franklin’s neighbor at Passy whose salon he frequented on a regular basis, and with whom he formed a very close relationship. Corresponded extensively with Franklin. She inspired, edited and wrote responses to various Bagatelles. Shortly before he left France, Franklin gave her a complete collection of all of the Bagatelles which had been printed at Passy.

Her signature composition was the Marche des Insurgents, written to celebrate the American victory at Saratoga (1777).

Born in Paris. Married Jacques Brillon de Jouy, receveur des consignations (1763).