Holten, Samuel (1738-1816)

Massachusetts physician and statesman.

Began practicing in Gloucester (c. 1756). Established himself in Danvers (c. 1758).

Initially sent to the General Court in 1768, his increasing interest and participation in public affairs led him to abandon his medical practice (1775).

Member of the Provincial Congress (1774-75). Appointed to the Committee of Safety (1775). Member of the Continental Congress (1778-80; 1783-85; 1787). Member of the Massachusetts state constitutional convention (1779).

Served in the State senate (1780-82, 1784, 1786, 1789-92, 1795, 1796) and in the State house of representatives (1787). Elected to the Third Congress (1793-95). Judge of the probate court for Essex County (1796-1815).

Born in Salem Village (Danvers). Married in 1758 to Mary Warner.